Coconut Virgin Certified Organic Food Oil

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Coconut Virgin (solid) Certified Organic Food Oil
Latin Name: Cocos Nucifera

100% Pure Soil Association Certified Organic.
This Coconut Oil was a finalist in the Soil Association best of organic market awards 2016.
A cold pressed, virgin Coconut Oil. Food grade and ready to eat.
Bursting with nutrients including linoleic, stearic and palmitic essential Fatty Acids.
Not tested on animals and vegan friendly. Packaged using sustainable paper and cardboard. Kind to you and the environment.

The Vegan Society are one of the most widely recognised vegan organisation in Europe. They register vegan products throughout the UK, ensuring they meet their strict vegan standards. Registered vegan products do not contain animal ingredients, and the ingredients have never been tested on animals. The processing aids used in the manufacturing process are also vegan. The sunflower is depicted next to all our vegan friendly products, which makes them easy to spot and proves that these products are registered with the vegan society. You can see the sunflower logo depicted on various vegan products throughout the UK and Europe, including most of the products you see on our website.

Revered for its nutrients, high smoke point and list of essential Fatty Acids, Naissance cold pressed, virgin, organic Coconut Oil is unrefined and therefore maintains as much of the natural nutrients of the coconut as is possible.

Main uses

Saut'ing and baking: Due to its high smoke point Coconut Oil can be used at higher temperatures without being adversely affected by the heat. Smoke Point: 177 C / 350 F.

Baking and Frosting: An excellent alternative to butter or margarine in baking. Coconut Oil's slightly sweet taste lends itself well to cake baking. It is often used by vegans as an alternative to butter. It can also be used in frosting as an alternative to butter icing.

On toast: Can be used on toast instead of butter or margarine. Coconut Oil melts at approximately 25 C.

Smoothies: Can be eaten on its own or added to smoothies.

History and Origin
The coconut has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Soil Association Certified:Naissance Organic Coconut Oil is certified by the UK Soil Association and can be traced back to the organic farms where it is produced. The UK Soil Association is the most respected organisation in the UK for the certification of organic products. It is equivalent to the Ecocert, USDA Organic and comparable certification outside of the UK.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Note from seller
We describe and promote our products in good faith. The information provided about the beneficial properties of all of our products are derived from the use and characteristics commonly attributed to it. The views expressed in the descriptions are not based on facts and benefits of our products may vary from person to person. It is always advisable to seek the opinion of a professional in the field. This is a natural product and the colour of the oil can vary from batch to batch. The display picture of this product may differ from the product received. The container size will change dependent on what size product that is ordered.

As our products are natural, the colour and odour may vary from batch to batch. We are continually improving our products and so on occasion the product you receive may differ slightly in appearance from images displayed on our website.

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