Grapeseed Oil

100% pure, refined Grapeseed Oil, hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. A fine and light oil, easily absorbed by the skin, an effective moisturiser whatever your skin type. Leaves the skin soft and smooth. Contains Omega 3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids, Vitamins E, C and Beta Carotene. Used for massage, aromatherapy, skincare, hair conditioning, face cleansing and as a natural make-up remover. Popular as a base oil combined with essential oils to create various aromatherapy blends. Not tested on animals and vegan friendly.
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Our Grapeseed Oil contains a multitude of nutrients. Packed full of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C, D and E and Beta Carotene, this nourishing oil is ideal for skincare.

Containing around 60% Linoleic Acid, an Omega 6 fatty acid, makes this oil good for those with oily skin. It is an excellent moisturiser but won’t block your pores, providing intense moisturisation to face and body.

This lightweight oil is rich in Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, containing more than Olive and Soya Oil, making Grapeseed perfect for those with mature skin. Antioxidants helps to fight damaging causing free radicals in the skin that cause premature aging.

Grapeseed Oil is frequently used as a base for many cosmetic skincare applications because of its super light texture and wealth of natural benefits. It is an effective emollient, absorbed by the skin very easily and at a fast pace. It will leave your skin soft, smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy.

Grapeseed Oil is a popular choice for massage as it gives a firming effect to the skin and blends well with other oils. It stays on the skin long enough to perform the massage yet absorbs deeply into the skin without leaving a residue.


Can be used on its own as an all over body oil to deeply moisturise the skin. It can also be used as a natural cleanser and a gentle make-up remover.


Use as a base for massage or blend with your favourite essential oils for added benefits.


Helps hydrate and condition your hair, helping to improve strength and shine. Try an intensive hair mask by combining Grapeseed with Avocado Oil (#231) and massaging a few drops into your hair and scalp. Cover with a warm towel and leave for at least 20 minutes. Shampoo as normal. Top tip – Begin to lather your shampoo before you wet it to help emulsify the oil, helping it to rinse out easier. Try to leave your hair dry naturally after a treatment to limit breakages. 


This oil can also be used to make your own skincare products like creams, lotions, balms serums and soaps. Used as a carrier oil it can be combined with essential oils for aromatherapy.


100% Grapeseed Oil


Vitis vinifera

Country of Origin



Neutral/very little scent


Pale yellow to pale green

Extraction Method

Our Grapeseed Oil is extracted from the seed of the grape and refined.

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