Soya Oil

100% pure, refined Soya Oil. A light odourless oil, easily absorbed emollient, great for massage. Nourishing moisturiser for all skin types, popularly used in soaps, hair and skincare preparations and anti-ageing products. Suitable for all skin types, an excellent choice for mature skin. Not tested on animals and vegan friendly. No GMO and Hexane free.
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Soya Oil has long been recognised for a range of skincare benefits. Vitamin rich Soya Oil has a small molecular structure, enabling it to be easily absorbed deep into the epidermis, the top layer of your skin. This makes it an effective moisturiser and a popular choice for a base oil for massage.

Soya Oil consists of around 53% Linoleic Acid and around 24% Oleic Acid. These Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids are essential for your skin to remain healthy and rejuvenated. It also contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, which can help protect against the damage caused by free radicals in the skin. This makes Soya Oil a great choice for skincare, particularly for those with mature skin.

This super light oil is also beneficial for your hair. Its ultra moisturising and soothing and can help fight the frizz, leaving your hair silky, shiny and conditioned.


Use on its own as a moisturiser or can be blended to make your own balms, lotions and serums. Can be used as a gentle and effective cleanser and make-up remover.


Makes an excellent alternative to Sweet Almond or Grapeseed Oil for massage. Use on its own or blend with your favourite essential oil for added benefits. We recommend Marjoram (#127), Lavender (#102) and Sweet Orange (#105) for a super calming and relaxing blend. Dilute at a ratio of 1ml (20 drops) of essential oil to 100ml of carrier oil.


Combat dry, frizzy hair, with a hot oil Soya hair mask. Warm a couple of tablespoons of Soya in the microwave, taking care not to get it too hot. Massage into scalp and hair and leave for half an hour, then wash as normal. Your hair will thank you for it! Why not add a couple of drops of Rosemary Oil (#108) for a stimulating boost? Top tip – lather up your shampoo on slightly damp hair to emulsify the oil before adding more water. This will help it to rinse out easier.


100% Soya Oil


Glycine soja

Country of Origin



Neutral odour


Pale yellow/golden liquid

Extraction Method

Soya Oil is extracted by pressing and then refining the beans of the soya plant, one of the most widely cultivated plants in the world.

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