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Life isn't always easy, and we all feel the need for a helping hand every now and then. That's why we've formulated the Stress Relief Kit, to help you when you're having a bit of an 'off' day.
Stress creeps upon us, making it all the more difficult to concentrate on the job at hand, causing tension and headaches, and making it difficult to just sit back and relax, even after our working day is done.
This comprehensive set of pulse point roll-ons contains all you need to get you through those stressful days.
Headache & Tension Pulse Point Roll-On:
The stresses and strains of everyday life often cause tension and headaches, resulting in a lack of concentration and focus of mind. The Headache & Tension Roll-On contains a blend of marjoram and lavender essential oils, both of which help ward off headaches, migraine and nervous tension.
Calm & De-Stress Pulse Point Roll-On:
Life can sometimes leave you feeling stressed and irritable, making it hard on both you and those around you. Our Calm & De-Stress Pulse Point Roll-On has been formulated with this in mind. This has a combination of ylang ylang, which can help soothe anger born of frustration and nervous tension, and sweet orange, which can also help with nervous tension and stress related situations.
Relax & Sleep Pulse Point Roll-On:
At the end of a long day, this roll-on will help you wind down and rest, ready for what tomorrow has in store. Contains a soothing blend of lavender essential oil and bergamot essential oil, to help ease away tension and relax and calm the mind, promoting a restful night's sleep.
Apply to your pulse points; these are located at your temples and the inside of your wrists.
As with any new product always conduct a patch test before first use.

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